>Thing #1 – on a stick

I created my first blog.
The hardest part of the whole deal was trying to come up with a name for it. I chose Roasted Marshmallow because – in my opinion – marshmallows are best when eaten off of a stick. After they have been properly roasted over an open fire of course.


3 thoughts on “>Thing #1 – on a stick

  1. >Welcome to 23 Things on a Stick! I’m glad to hear that creating your blog went smoothly– save the name. I’m assuming I know the answer, but how do you feel about those people that stick the marshmallows in the fire and burn them, then take the burned part off and eat the sticky part? Cheaters? If you get a chance, you can share your insights about marshmallows, 23 things, and whatever the mood strikes you with other SELS members by visiting the list of them here. You may have already seen the list on the front page of the 23 Things on a Stick site, but I like to people another option.

  2. >It takes great patience to toast the perfect golden brown, ultimatly gooey marshmallow – a little peice of Heaven on earth.Just like it takes patience to learn all 23 Things on a Stick.Next challenge: set up a poll on my blog.

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