>Thing #2 – Perspective of Library 2.0

>I would like to compare the library 2.0 technology with the revolutionary invention of the printing press. The printing press made it possible for more and more people to gain knowledge – to share ideas. It brought about a renaissance or rebirth of knowledge. Instead of taking days, months, even years to complete a book, the printing press made it possible to make multiple copies in hardly anytime at all in comparison.

Library 2.0 gives people the opportunity to share new ideas in the blink of an eye. The information is able to span to all corners of the earth in seconds (providing they have internet service). Libraries need to be updated on all the new technology, we need to experience it, use it, be familiar with it so we can help our patrons that are currently using it to decide reliable information sources. We need to be out on the world wide web as a reliable source of information. We need to use the same tools that people are using today to get that information out there.


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