>Thing #3 – RSS

>RSS is supposed to be “Really Simple” or so they say. I thought I had this thing licked becuase I already had RSS feeds through Bloglines and was thinking I wouldn’t have to spend very much time on this Thing. BUT… I haven’t really used my Bloglines account since I set it up … oh, about a year ago… it seemed to have reset it self and I tried everything I could think of to get it to show my feeds. I tried subscribing to the same feeds again and it would tell me that I was already subscribed to those feeds but it refused to show me the feeds.
I turned to Google Reader instead and set up the feeds just like that. Now, I don’t know how often I’ll use this. I can see the potential for it to save a lot of time for those that do go out and check lots of sites for information. But since I hardly ever used my Bloglines account, I doubt if I’ll use my Google reader account. There are only a few sites that I actually use and I have them bookmarked. If I had more time to be able to read and enjoy more sites, then I would have a use for a time saver like RSS feeds, but for now, I barely have time to check my email once in a while, much less any thing else.
I did like that little video about RSS feeds though, it really did explain them clearly.


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