>Thing #7.1 – email

>I would be lost without my e-mail tools. 90% of my job requests come through email. When I get an email, I open it, read it, if it needs action more than a response, I turn it into a task and it goes to my task list. I put a deadline date on it anywhere from a day to a week in advance of when it’s actually due so when it turns red in my task list I know I better start working on it.

I like email as a way of communcation. When you think of something to ask someone and they arent in the office that day, you can just pop them an email and you’ll get your answer when they return. If I don’t send the email while I’m thinking about it, I will probably forget to ask them until I absolutly need the information and then just my luck, they would be gone again the day I would need it.

More reasons I like email are: you can keep a “written” record of conversations, send an email to a ton of people at the same time instead of contacting one at a time, instead of meetings issues can be solved just by emailing, etc…

Plus, email is a great and fast way to keep in contact with friends that live across the country.

Our library already allows patrons to email our reference desk with questions and I believe it is a well used option. A lot of our patrons use the email notification options so that they receive an email two days before their books are due or when their reserves are ready for them to pick up. We also have online suggestion forms that are submitted by email. Hopefully, someday we’ll have online meeting room bookings as well in the future.

Email is a good Thing!


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