>Thing #13 – Online Productivity Tools

>My preferred home page at work is our staff wiki. that has everything I need for work. I keep my sidebar of favorites open to show my bookmarks (which doesn’t even go all the way to the bottom of the screen). Less is more in my book – at work anyway.
My home computer, now that’s a different story. I have that set up with my own homepage through Google. I have the national news headlines, a clock, the movie listings for area theatres, etc…
As far as the calendars, lists and reminders go – We use our email software for all that. Everyone at our library uses the same email software and we can all look at each other’s calendars and our meeting room calendars to set up appointments. We can send each other tasks that automatically go to our to-do lists.
My home life isn’t very complicated (yet, my children are still too young to have too much going on) so the old fashioned wall calendar works great for me. As well as the post-it pad stuck to the fridge for grocery lists and the white board and markers for listing kids’s chores.


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