>Thing #15 – Online Gaming

>I didn’t dare try this one at work. I can imagine that just the time I got one of the games downloaded and started playing it, that a patron would walk in to the office and catch me playing a game. I can just imagine the thoughts running through that patron’s head. Something about waste of tax payer’s money and lazy government employees, etc…
Another reason I’m glad I did this one at home is because they took FOREVER to download – and this was not a peak time either. I tried the Pirates game and got bored with it in a hurry – I didn’t want to be a bilger forever so I quit that and tried Second Life. I made it through the Orientation and explored the world for a while, but it was very jumpy and slow – could be my computer. I tried to find Information Island but for some reason it told me that I didn’t have access to that.
I’m already familiar with online gaming and the kids and I enjoy trying out new games. The kids’ favorite online game is Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean. Runescape is another favorite as well as Adventure Quest.


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