>23 Things in Review

>Ok, so I haven’t posted to this blog since Thing #23, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using any of the things I learned.
Going through the list of the past 23 things:
I use RSS feeds and subscribe to graphic design sites
I use Flickr for library event pictures
I don’t use the online graphics generators – being a graphic designer, I have the software on my computer to do it myself.
Of course I still use e-mail.
IM is very handy and we have a widget on our library webpages now that people can IM a reference libraian. I use various IMs for chatting with my friends.
I don’t use the collaboration tools but we do use a Wiki for the library staff.
At first I really liked del.icio.us but haven’t had time since then to do anything with it.
And I still don’t Digg-it
Library Thing is all good and I wish I were able to link it to Facebook somehow. I see you can for MySpace but I haven’t figured out how to put it on my Facebook yet.
Online Gaming is also a hit at our house, my kids are quite good at Disney’s Pirates of the Carribbean online game. I think my daughter likes it most because of the chatting feature. My son likes it for the swashbuckling adventure and blowing up ships.
Project Calculator, GALE, Ebsco, & Proquest – I haven’t had time or inclination to research these any further.
Same with Net Library
YouTube is always fun – My daughter and I were just watching some videos the other night of some French cowboy teaching line dancing. They were hilarious! I have never seen anyone line dance to a Robert Palmer song before. And we do still use YouTube for the library – we’re actually having a film contest that we will be using YouTube for.
We have used Podcasts for some of our general staff meetings and also for some of our One Book/One Community events.
I still use Facebook – ok, not particularily for Library use, but I do have some co-workers as friends. I’ve found people I haven’t seen or talked to in over 20 years on there!
I haven’t kept up with any of other networking sites, i.e. ning.


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