>Thing #27 – Twitter

>I reluctantly signed up for a Twitter account. I’m not too sure about this one, especially after viewing this 9 minute video about Twitter and the guy said that he spends about 3 hours a day on Twitter. How to view Twitter and use it effectively.

Ok, first of all – who can spare that amount of time to just to read and respond to tweets? Does he do this for his own personal life – or lack thereof? or does he do this for a business of some sort. If it is for his business, then what kind of business is it?

I guess it is a great/fast way to share information and it is measurable – you can see how many followers you have. Maybe we should try a library twitter account to announce events/visiting authors, that type of thing and see what happens. We already have IM widgets on our webpages for people to talk to reference librarians, but maybe Twitter would be more of a marketing tool. Have to think about that for a while….

Oh, BTW, my Twitter name is Ginerbia.


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