>Thing #29 – Google Tools

>I love Google and everything about it. I’m one of those people that if I don’t know the answer to something I automatically “Google it.” Sorry all you reference librarians out there.

I’ve used almost every Google product available at this point.

My favorites are Gmail, Book Search, Earth, Calendar, Blogger, Reader, Maps, Images, ….

For Seach Thing I will talk about Google News. It’s really nice to be able to just type in a topic and Google does the work for you. Like I said… Google it!
I typed in “Graphic Design” and found lots of interesting news feeds. One news feed from Africa – they’re looking for a Graphic Design teacher, hmmm… JK! I like it here!

For Productivity Tools I’ll talk about Gmail.
I have 6 email address – all of which have different functions.
1. I have my work email – for work stuff.
2 & 3. I have my college email addresses (I currently attend two colleges at the moment) – which I only open about once a week to see if there is anything important. There never is.
4. I have an email address that I was issued by my internet providor which I only open about once every two months and delete everything because most of it’s SPAM.
5. I have a Yahoo adress which a few friends have but I mostly use this one for ordering stuff online – the SPAM goes here too.
6. Then my favorite – my Gmail account. All my friends have my Gmail address. I have had my Gmail account for quite a while and only have had one SPAM! That’s because I never give that one out. I always use my Yahoo for signing up for things, and I’ll wait for a while to see if I get any SPAM from that. If I don’t, I’ll change the email contact to my Gmail address.

It works for me!


2 thoughts on “>Thing #29 – Google Tools

  1. >I like the two-tier approach for e-mail. But wait … once you’ve guided a couple dozen addresses from yahoo to gmail … then you get some spam at yahoo. How do you know who the offender is?

  2. >I usually don’t add more than one address at a time. I’m not a big online shopper and when I do, it’s mostly from places I’ve already established an account from. It did take a while to get to know which ones will spam and which ones won’t though.My work email surprisingly enough is the one I get the most spams. And I never use that one to sign up for anything.

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