>Thing #31 – More Twitter

>I have read so many articles about twitter, I’m starting to see those little blue birds all over the place.
I’m still not so sure about Twitter. It seems like trying to say something in front of a crowd of millions of talking people. You may get a response from the people standing next to you, you may not. I think if you were to use this as an actual tool – instead of as a place to put random thoughts – you would have to get the word out that you have a twitter account in the first place. Just relying on someone catching your tweet at the exact moment you push send is 1 in a million. Basically, you’d have to have a following to begin with whether it’s a website or blog or something then hope that your followers will “follow” you to Twitter.

According to the cool little tools offered in the instructions for this step, my Twitter account is worth $2. and it ranks 16 out of 100.


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