>Thing #33 – Travel 2.0

>Perfect timing for me to be looking at this Thing.
Using the Travel 2.0 tools I found here, I found out that women get harassed in Nassau by other women wanting to braid hair, it costs 50 cents to ride an elevator up to the top of the water tower for a “spectacular” view of the entire island, and not to waste money on swimming with the stingrays because they don’t seem to stay in the designated areas and venture out into the public areas where you can swim with them for free.
Theft seems to be a national sport in Belize. Lots of warnings about the nightlife in Belize City – I’m glad we won’t be there at night. Whew!

These Travelogue sites offer lots of advice from other travelers. It’s good research for someone who has never been to a place, but always remember that not everyone’s idea of a good time is the same.


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