>Thing #34 – Online Answer sites – Are they competition for Libraries?

>Personally, I don’t think the need for professional librarians will ever be obsolete. I visited some of the Answer sites and most of the questions I saw were conversational questions that were asking for opinions instead of factual based answers. And who is to know if the people that do post factual based questions on these answer sites, don’t already ask their local librarians the questions and are just looking for more viewpoints?
I do like the idea of librarians getting on these answer sites, answering questions and making it known that they are librarians. Some people may not know the powers of librarians.
I am guilty of going straight to google when I wonder about something that I just need a general idea of, but if I really need some concrete facts about something, I skip google and go directly to our library’s online resources that are proven.
I didn’t join any Slam Boards as I am not a librarian, just someone who works in a library, so don’t feel qualified to answer any questions.


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