>Thing #35 – Books 2.0

>I am a HUGE fan of LibraryThing and have faithfully entered in every single book I’ve read since I started my account (about a year ago). I decided not to even try to enter in my entire personal library as I do sort of have a life and it would take me FOREVER to do.
I am very intrigued by the idea of having a book downloaded to my phone and I’m going to check with my service plan to see if I can download on my phone via the phone’s browser without have to pay through the nose for it. (I don’t currently have that option). If this works like it says it’s supposed to… I will be entirely pleased.
I am following TwitLit and find it very interesting. There is no way I can guess the title of the book by the first line, but the mystery is part of the fun.
I love the “What’s Next” site. Would have been helpful with Preston’s Pendergast Series I picked up a while back. I had them all out of whack. Now I know.
BookCrossing is a creative way to add a little treasure hunting fun to the joy of reading. I was thinking of joining up and bringing a few books with me on my vacation and leaving them lay around.
I did add an application to my Facebook page – I still wish we could add Library Thing to Facebook like we can a blog!


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