>Thing #40 – Mash-ups

>Mash-ups! I loved the Google one we did in #32. And I’ve done some Twitter mash-ups too. But this one… um, not liking it so much.
For this thing I looked at Pandora.FM but wasn’t really liking it. I love Pandora just the way it is, was never too fond of Last.FM. For some reason Pandora just looks better to me and is easier to customize.
I looked at Lazy Library but I really like long books so this one doesn’t do it for me either.
I tried phreetings and made this card.
eh – it’s ok.
Was going to try Ping.fm, but I only use 3 social media sites for the library – Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and each one I use for a different target audience so wouldn’t make sense to have them all updated with the same status. And personally I only use Facebook and Twitter and I didn’t like it when my Twitter updates went to Facebook. Again, different audiences.
Maybe I need to make my own mash-ups. But that’s for a day when I have some free time. Today – not gonna happen.


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