>Thing #42 – Music

>This thing was very easy and very quick to do since I already take advantage of online music. Pandora is my favorite and I use it all the time when on my home computer. I would love to use it at work but was told I couldn’t stream music all the time. So I just use my iTunes at work – the songs I have saved on my hard drive, not the servers. Or I listen to my trusty little mini-boom box. But the reception is bad so only get 1 station – at least it’s a good station! If I had my preferences, I would listen to online music all the time – no commercials! and you don’t have to sit there and look at the annoying ads on the page. I used to listen to MusicMatch Jukebox or Launchcast but find them to be very limiting compared to Pandora. I do like Grooveshark when you know exactly the song you need to listen to. and tinyurl.com is cool to send songs to other people or to post on Twitter or facebook.


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