>Thing #44 – Economy

>Great video explaining the current economy situation and compound interest. I spent some time looking through Wisebread and Frugal Dad. Good to know I already do most of what they suggest to save money. The other tips are not-applicable to my situation.
I do online banking and love it, but I still write checks out to pay bills. It’s a ritual to pay bills every payday. It’s a way to get my children involved so they know how much each thing costs. I tell them what I’m paying, how much it costs, and then, with the electric bill, make suggestions to them on how they can help make it lower for next month. Then they lick the envelopes -why they like to do that, I don’t know, they taste horrible) and put the stamps on. We wouldn’t get this quality time if I paid my bills online.
I was pleased to see the link for Victory Gardens on here. I happen to know the person that created that site.
The Gas buddy site is pretty cool, but I usually go to Kwik Trip to fuel up. I use the Kwik Trip card so I get the 3 cent per gallon discount which you get as a quarterly refund check, plus, if you go to Fleet Farm and get the 4 cent per gallon coupons… Kwik Trip honors those coupons. Plus, with my hybrid car, I don’t have to stop for gas very often! And I have to get a Café Karuba while I’m there. And to save money, I bought one of those 20 oz coffee cups so I get the refill price. My cup has already paid for itself, and then some.
That was my shameless plug for Kwik Trip – I should get some sort of commission for this.


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