>Life after more things on a stick

>Social networking tools rock!
In March I brought the library up to modern times and created Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts and am faithfully maintaining them.
Facebook is taking the lead so far with 276 fans, Twitter is gradually climbing with 93 followers, and MySpace is trailing with 22 friends. Although with MySpace it’s hard to tell how many people look at the page because you don’t need to be a friend to see it. The profile hits are increasing and the blog views are pretty steady.
I’m loving Twitter because it’s fast and informative. At least it is if you follow the right people.
I’m not sure if using the social networks is actually working for marketing. It’s hard to measure how many people actually attend our programs or use our services as a result of seeing us on these social networks. But there has been interaction with people from all sites so I must be doing something right. With Myspace, I was contacted by an author and through that communication, she ended up sending us some handmade (by her) bookmarks.
I guess the important thing is to get fans, friends or followers and then to keep them. By doing this at least we’re getting our name out there.


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