>Full Steam Ahead

>I picture myself sprinting towards my bed, taking a flying leap through the air landing directly in the middle of my bed giving my comforter a full body slam. Then grabbing a pillow, hugging it tightly and studying the inside of my eyelids for at least 60 minutes.

Wishful thinking. That’s not going to be my fate today, at least for another 10 – 12 hours anyway. My luck, it will happen tonight at bedtime. I’ll fall into the loving arms of sleep only to wake up 60 minutes later. Then I’ll find my second wind and not be able to get back to sleep until the wee hours of the morning – resulting in yet another day of wishing I could be at home in bed.

I’m sitting at work, staring at my computer. Trying to think of a creative concept for our Online Homework Assistance program. We had been using our current vendor’s graphics, slogans and logos, but we want to use our own now. So we can change vendors without having to change everything each time.

My first thought was Homework Sucks – True, but probably not appropriate.
How about Humor your Teacher – yeah, I see bad things happening with that one. heh heh.
I haz homework – oh puh-leeze!
Toenail Clippings – In comparison to Homework – almost as unpleasant.

I don’t want to use the word brain because that’s just way too obvious and probably overused.

How about Grey Matter? That could work. I’ll think about this one for a while.

Or how about Skull Stuffing? – It has a certain ring to it, but don’t think they’ll go for that one.

Feed Your Zombie – Everyone knows that Zombies eat brains. Give’s a thrill of excitement and a sense of danger knowing that you’re making yourself into zombie bait by studying. Get smarter = better Zombie Food. ooh, Zombie Food. I like it!

Yes. Zombie Food. I can see it! The words Zombie Food in the shape of a brain. Now to see how everyone else likes it.


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