>Random ideas

>Wow! Now working for three days for being sick followed by a relaxing weekend of doing absolutely nothing really refreshes the brain. The to-do list has gotten noticeably shorter today! Unfortunately it has also grown with new projects that I didn’t have the concentration enough to actually add to the list.

Along with the concept/logo for homework help, I need to create a logo for something called a tween bookslam, an online book discussion center for our area tweens. Totally forgot about this one.

How about something like a thumbs up/thumbs down set of book ends holding up three or four books. since it is a review site.

I used an iPhone today. I’ve had iPhone envy for quite some time now and actually getting the chance to use one has made the urge to run out and buy one even stronger than before.

Just had a genius idea on how to number our raffle tickets for our annual fund-raiser. I thought of using MS Word Merge documents to number them consecutively, but on the raffle tickets they need to have the numbers in two different locations and the merge document won’t allow the same number in two different fields. But… why can’t I create two separate documents and just run it through twice? DUH!


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