>Book Slam Logo

>I think I have the Bookslam logo done. Woot! I went with the thumbs up/thumbs down idea. It went thought a various of color changes but I think we’re going to stick with green. And for print jobs the green will be white. The background is an unfortunate golden yellow color, but I didn’t choose that. I only put that on so they could see what it would look like on the background of the wiki.

Now I can concentrate on the homework assistance logo. Still tossing ideas around. Skull stuffing isn’t dead yet, but when I googled it, something about brain washing came up. I don’t want our homework assistance program to be associated with brain washing. I remember quite well being a teenager and thinking I was being brain washed in school. Yeah, I was anti-conformity. I was the one that wore all black and had long hair that covered half my face. I was emo before emo came out. goth before goth was big. Ahh, those were the days.

But I digress.

Anyone ever notice how much a brain scan looks like a ham steak?


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