>Class Reunion – ick!

>Ok, so my 20th year class reunion is this Saturday. I’m NOT going. I haven’t gone to any of them yet. I never talked to most of them in High School, why would I want to talk to them now?

So, instead I’m going to go to Time Traveler’s Wife movie. It better be good because I thought the book was excellent!

Well, they loved the logo for the bookslam so I guess that’s a go. Still thinking about the homework assistance one. For some reason I’m having trouble getting inspiration for this one. I’m not relating to it. Maybe it’s because I hated homework with a passion when I was in high school and didn’t care one way or the other about my grades.

College was a different story. College was easy! The homework was a breeze, and I was on the Dean’s list every single semester. A’s and B’s were the norm. The only C in my entire college career was in Step Aerobics.

I need some inspiration on this one. HELP!


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