>Christmas trees are highly flammable

>The look my daughter gave me after giving her a box of matches and telling her to start the tree on fire was priceless.

After taking the decorations off the tree and having needles fall off everywhere, I decided to move the tree outside to take off the lights. So, I pick up the tree and carry it outside – dropping needles the whole way. Once outside it was really easy to take off the lights and not have to worry about how many needles we had to pick up. My fiance keeps telling me – that’s why I get an artificial tree. Even with the needles, I still want to have a real tree, but that’s a discussion for later…

Anyway, after taking the lights off, I moved the tree to where I thought the fire ring was in my back yard. There was so much snow it was hard to tell. I stood the tree up in the snow and told my daughter to start it on fire. Which she did, quite gleefully.

She was quite impressed with what one match could do. She lit the tree and it went up in flames. To make it even more impressive, I put the box and all the cardboard packing material that came with my new snow blower on the tree as well. For about 5 minutes it was blazing awesome and even warmed up the -6° day.

Thank goodness our little town allows bonfires – as long as they are in a fire ring. Turns out – after the tree was burned and melted some of the surrounding snow – we missed the fire ring by about a foot. Oops!


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