>It’s Twenty-Ten!

>A new year, a clean slate.

Wish I could say the same for my driveway…
Right before Christmas we get this huge snowstorm then we get freezing rain on Christmas day. The snowplows still went out on Christmas day but I wasn’t home in time to shovel the big mess at the end. By the time I did get home, the end of my driveway was completely blocked shut with a huge mountain of ice.

I bought an ice chipper and was out there chipping until my arms were rubber. I salted it so much I’m afraid that there isn’t going to be anything left of my driveway when the ice finally does go away. But still, 2-weeks later there’s still a cliff at the end of my driveway.

Good thing I have a Jeep – my Honda Civic has been sitting in the garage since the first storm.

I did purchase a snow blower so that the next snow we get I’ll at least be able to move that. I’m tempted to purchase a flame thrower to melt the big mess at the end. I”m afraid that will be there the entire season if I don’t get rid of it soon. My poor Honda will have to spend the winter in the garage. My poor wallet – forking out the money to pay for gas for my Jeep!


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