>Thing #48 – Twitter Again

>I received a newsletter from Things on a Stick News and was pleased to see that the “Things” are still coming – although not in the previous format. This blog was born during a project called 23 Things on a Stick, a fun and unique way to learn web 2.0 tools. Tools which I now use both for personal use and for the library that I work for. After each “thing” we were to blog about what we learned. If you search the archive of this blog, you can see my progress through the “things.”

After the first 23 things were complete, they came up with “more things on a stick” which I also completed and blogged about. After I was finished with the program, I continued using some of the tools I learned about for the library (and some for personal too!)

Social Media Update: I set up Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts for my library last March. So far we have 519 Facebook fans, 228 Twitter followers and only 31 MySpace friends. As a result of the low numbers and lack of interactivity on MySpace, I have to admit, I haven’t given it much attention as of late. But Facebook and Twitter has taken right off.

I post things like library events, services, relevant articles, photos, and other library related topics and it seems to be popular with our patrons. We get comments and “likes” on Facebook and we have Twitter followers that faithfully retweet some of our tweets. We do have a Flickr account that I post photos on and a YouTube account that I hope to be utilizing more in the future with a marketing campaign that’s brewing in my mind – but I need some video equipment before I can get started on that.

I think this is a great way to learn new things and greatly appreciate the efforts of all the people who set up this program and made it available for us.


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