>The Hunt for Zombies has started!

>We heard the doorbell ring so my son went to answer the door. He came back in the living room and said, “We did hear the doorbell didn’t we? There wasn’t anyone there!”

Then I heard it – the sound of an UPS truck taking off from in front of the house. I leaped out of my chair – where I had been reading a Marvel Spider Man comic – and ran to the door.

I pulled it open and … THERE IT WAS!

The manila-bubblewrap envelope.

I read the address label.
To: Roasted Marshmallow From: Quirk – Marketing Dept.
(see Hunt for Zombies)

I picked it up and ran into the living room, holding the envelope triumphantly above my head, doing a little victory dance. My son looked at me with wide eyes and asked, “What is it Mom? Can I open it?”

I gave him the envelope and told him, “This is the book I’ve been waiting for! When you open it don’t be scared of the cover.”

“I won’t, Mom.”

He proceeds to open the envelope and takes out the book, looks at it and said “Eww! Is she a Zombie?” Then he takes out a sheet of paper – the instructions on when and what links I’m supposed to post along with my review on March 3. The last thing he took out was a large sheet of folded paper – he opens it and says, even louder, “Eww!”
He was looking at a poster of the book cover.

The cover features a little girl, but her hands are all bloody and her eyes are red and her face appears to have a pallor of death. A little bit of blood is running out of her mouth. Yes, I do believe she could be a zombie. But then again, do Zombies bleed? I don’t think so. Maybe she’s not a Zombie. I’ll have to read it to find out, and you’ll have to read my review to find out…

As for the poster – I think I’ll hang it in my library.


2 thoughts on “>The Hunt for Zombies has started!

  1. >I did read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It took me a long time to get through, mainly because I hated Mrs. Bennet's whining and worrying about husbands for her daughters. It was a hard book to swallow – at least Elizabeth started showing some backbone – and some brains, but even then it just wasn't enough. I tend to like my female heroines a little more self-confident. When Seth Grahame-Smith picked up the book and added Zombies, I was intrigued so I gave it another go. In this version, the girls were a little tougher and kicked some zombie butt! Mrs. Bennet was still the same sniveling, whiny, social disaster she was in the original. I realized that you kind of need characters that make you roll your eyes in books – they wouldn't be half as interesting if there wern't. I did like the fact that the girls did portray slightly stronger heroines than in the original book. I found it disappointing that it was 'understood' that the girls would give up their fight against the zombies when they were married. I have to keep reminding myself that it was the tradition of the times for women not to work. At least Elizabeth and Jane were able to marry for love.

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