>Thing # 50 – Personal Learning Network (PLN)

>I often get asked, “where in the world did you learn that?”

Lately, most of the time I answer – “Twitter.” I never thought of it as my PLN before, but I guess it really is. Facebook is pretty close, I follow lots of library advocacy pages. My favorite page lately is the Quirk Book pages. I find out when the next cool books will be published and recently even got an opportunity to read/review one! Watch my blog on March 3! Hint, hint!

I never realized how much I actually do pick up just from the two second glances at my twitter feeds once in a while. When I find an article that was posted from someone I follow on Twitter, I usually add that blog or site to my RSS and follow it myself.

My RSS feeds now consist of graphic design sites, sites that offer free fonts, tutorials, tips, tricks of the trade, design inspiration, etc. Things I’ve learned on these sites, I have used at my work at the library when creating posters for events, logos, etc. I also follow library sites and learn how other libraries are marketing their services. I take what I learn and turn it into something that works for me and the library I work for.

I recently found out that my library is now on the top twitter lists of libraries!

Here is a mosaic of my personal twitter friends.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


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