>Downloadable Audio books

>When I heard about Android Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and Ben Winters coming out, I thought I better read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I was always slightly afraid of this one because of the length and I knew it would take me a while to read it. There are so many books on my to-read list that I’m anxious to get to, but I decided to go ahead and try it anyway.

First, I found the full-text version on Google Books and read the first few pages, I was hooked and knew I couldn’t stop with that. Then, I downloaded a copy to my Blackberry and have been reading it every day during my lunch break. The story is so beautifully written it pulled me instantly into it.

Two days ago, I entered the “Biggest Loser” contest that the library staff are having for the next three months.

What was I thinking? Right?
Anyway, I entered the contest and weighed in on Wednesday.

At lunch on Wednesday, I found myself eating a salad and reading my book for the entire hour – how in the world is this supposed to help? The salad was a step in the right direction, but the sitting on my bum for an entire hour? Wasting the only time I actually have get off my bum all day? I vowed to do better.

Today, at lunch, again, sitting on my bum for an entire hour reading when I could have been walking for at least 30 minutes of this time.

Addictions are hard to break and I’m totally addicted to the wonderful world that Leo painted. What to do? What to do?

Then I had a Eureka moment! I’m reading it on my Blackberry, why couldn’t I listen to it on my Blackberry? I could download it straight from our downloadable collection. DUH! Why didn’t I think of this before? Well, I did think of it before, kind of, but I lost my little MP3 player a while ago and never thought that I could download books on my Blackberry from Overdrive.

I sent a quick email to Kim, the head of our Readers Services division… Can I download audio books on my Blackberry?

Her reply, in short, was maybe the MP3 versions…

I decided to see if I could get an audio version of it so I could actually walk around during my lunch hour and still get my daily fix.

First of all, I had to see if the library’s collection even had that title in MP3 version. It did, so I immediately checked it out and started the process of downloading it. I successfully downloaded the Overdrive software to my Blackberry and followed all the rules and instructions. Then commenced downloading the file to my Blackberry… not so successful!

It said it couldn’t find the license for it. Hmm… After a few more tries, I was convinced it wasn’t going to work that way. Not giving up, I tried another way – downloading to my computer so I could transfer it later. It said that it would take several minutes and it wasn’t lying! I just left it go for a while and came back to it about half an hour later – almost done!

After this, I tried to transfer it to the Blackberry and it worked great… except when I tried to play the file it said it was expired! I looked at the details and it showed that I checked it out today – March 4 and it would expire on March 18. Ok, this didn’t make sense, why does it say expired? Hmmm… After a few more tries, I was convinced it wasn’t going to work that way.

Not giving up, I tried another way – downloading the files to iTunes. Yes! Success! Now, to get it on the Blackberry.

After a little more trial and error… I am now, as I type, listening to part 1 of Anna Karenina on my Blackberry while the other 29 parts are downloading.

Look out fellow Biggest Loser contestants, now that I can listen to Anna Karenina on my blackberry, I will be walking every day during my breaks and lunch.

I hope my persistence in getting the audio book to work on my Blackberry will carry over to the Biggest Loser contest and help me win. Well, even if I lose the contest, I’ll still win if I actually lose any weight during this three-month period.

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