>I won a copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

>My day was made at 6:30 this morning! Even the slow, foggy drive into work didn’t bring me down. I spent the whole time day dreaming about my good fortune…

As usual, I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Being a night owl is a tough lifestyle when you have a day job. My alarm was ringing every ten minutes for the last half-hour and the bed reached it’s most comfortable state. Flailing around on the nightstand for my glasses, I noticed the blinking light on my phone. Oooh a message!

Disregarding my glasses, I picked up the phone instead. The message was from Valerie from Sweeps4bloggers! I had entered to win a copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith about a week ago. My interest peaked as I opened the email.

Joy of joys! I was being informed that I was a winner! This doesn’t happen very often so needless to say I was beside myself with happiness and leaped out of bed and did a happy dance!

This will give me reason to check my mailbox every day! I can’t wait until it comes.

My name is on the sweeps4bloggers list of winners!


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