>Thing #51 – Managing my PLN

>During the first 23 things I set up an iGoogle page and used it for quite a while, but eventually became bored with it. I admit, some of the applications that can be added to iGoogle are fun and I could spend hours just looking at all the options and playing the games. However, I found these gadgets too distracting and took them all off. Now my iGoogle page is dull and boring and I rarely visit it anymore.

I found that keeping the pages I most often visit open in the tabs available in my browser (usually Firefox or Chrome) works better for me than having them all mashed together on one page. I bookmark other sites I visit frequently but not every day, and then use Delicious for the lesser visited pages. As a result of having many tabs, I don’t have a “home” page anymore. I usually use Firefox at work and Chrome at home, but am slowly using Chrome more often at work. I like the look and feel of it better than Firefox; you can personalize it more. But either is still better than Internet Explorer. I can’t even remember the last time I used that – probably just to get to the Firefox download page. LOL!

The addition of Tweetdeck to my computer is awesome, as I stated in Thing #49! I really don’t know how I functioned without it.

Sometimes with all this information coming in at lightening speed, I feel overwhelmed with it all, but I just remind myself, I don’t have to read it all, I don’t have to learn it all. Just let it flow and if I fall behind, I just mark them all as read and start over. The best things are always repeated anyway so chances are, I’ll get another chance at reading it again.


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