>Twapper Keeper

>I just found another cool twitter tool… Twapper Keeper.

This site pulls all the tweets that contain a certain hashtag, keyword or a person and puts them all together into a list, called a notebook, for you. I noticed that @rudibrarin made one from the #libtech2010 conference.

I tried to make a notebook with that hashtag but mine didn’t work. I guess you’re not supposed to put the # in when it asks you what you want. When mine came up, it showed ## so didn’t pull up any tweets. I couldn’t find where to delete that one either so it’s just sitting there with 0 tweets and my twitter name next to it. I noticed that someone tried to get the notebook and noticed it didn’t have any tweets in it.

Great, a non-deletable public fail!

My apologies to anyone who tried that notebook only to find nothing. I’ll try to make another notebook with Twapperkeeper later, after I recover from my humiliation.

Here’s a great Twitter cheat sheetcreated by @bananasuit.


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