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>I’m finally getting my reading list under control. I still literally have tons of books on my “to-read” list, but at least I’m getting the “currently reading” list down to a manageable number.

In the last few weeks I managed to finished The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and, Faith of the Fallen (Book 6 of the Sword of Truth Series) by Terry Goodkind.

The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart was indeed a sad tale. This book was based in medieval Europe and has an interesting point of view of the plague and how it was spread, of religion and the corruption of the church, and the grave-robbing brothers Grossbart who thought they were blessed by Mary and could do no wrong – even murder was in Mary’s best interest. The brothers were on a quest to “Gyptland” where they thought there would be the mother load of graves and treasure that was theirs by right of inheritance. A strange twisted fairy tale for adults.

I loved it; I hated it; I would read it again.

Anna Karenina, set in Russia, early 19th century, was a soap-opera type story of two sets of lovers and the people they interacted with. Great character development – so great that I actually think I used to date Levin (quiet, set in his own ways, didn’t understand the greater picture, and was quite chauvinistic). I used to be Kitty (change myself for the man she loved, only happy if her man was happy, yadda yadda). They were a perfect couple. Anna was an independent woman who turned quite needy and whiny when she found a lover. I’m hoping that she will have more spine in Android Karenina. Anna’s lover Vronsky, poor guy, was hopelessly in love wtih Anna and had no clue what he was doing. Adultery, forgiveness, technology vs. farming, peasants, faith, and trains are recurring themes.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The character development and the writing style was really a breath of fresh air. I would definitely read it again.

Faith of the Fallen – The journeys of Richard and Kahlan continue in book 6 of the Sword of Truth Series. Richard and Kahlan get separated by Nicci, a sister of the dark, who puts a spell on Kahlen that bonds them together – when one feels pain, so does the other. If one dies… Nicci takes Richard to the middle of the Old World where she hopes to show him that the way of the Imperial Order is really the best for all people. In the end Nicci becomes convinced of the opposite and ends up in love with Richard.
Meanwhile, Kahlen is leading an army against Jagangs Imperial Order Forces in the New World. They capture a spy from the Imperial Army and find out that he knows where Richard is. Kahlen realizes that she is doing no good against the Imperial Forces so she decides to go find Richard in the Old World.
Oh happy, happy, joy, joy, they are back together, mushy mushy, *rolling of the eyes*

I’m not sure if I like it better when Richard and Kahlen are together (they share looks and wish they could be alone) or when they are apart (all they do is think about the other one). I’ll continue reading the series – the action is still intriguing and someone’s gotta kill Jagang sooner or later. On to book 7!

Now currently reading:
Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Pillars of Creation by Terry Goodkind (book 7)

I’ve stopped reading Inkheart for a while. That’s the bedtime story I read to the kids but we’ve been so busy right up until bedtime lately that we haven’t read for a while.

I’m anxious to start Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but I’m waiting until after I read Android Karenina – if I’m on the review list. I can drop the other books I’m reading at any given time, I don’t know if I could drop that one or not.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t too late to claim my runner’s up prizes for the photo caption contest! My prizes will be delivered soon!

And I entered another photo caption contest.


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  1. >You have time to re-read these books? I am jealous!! I have so many NEW books, new authors, old authors new books to read, that I haven't a hope. There are only a few authors that I have felt compelled to do that: Tolkein, every five years because the book was different from my perspective. Robertson Davies, because once just isn't enough! Thoreau, natural history essays, same with Edward Hoagland. And Michael Dirda -all of his book reviews, book essays are just wonderful. And reminders of what I need to read!

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