>Android Karenina

>Last night when I got home late from game night, I was very pleased to see a package on the kitchen table address to Roasted Marshmallow. I ripped the package open to find my copy of Android Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and Ben Winters. After doing an arms flailing, legs-kicking happy-dance, around the table, (I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty site, but everyone else was already in bed), I went straight to my room to start reading. Still wired from game night and with the added boost of adrenaline from getting my new book, I was awake until the wee hours of the night reading, reading, reading.
I will be posting a review of Android Kareninaon this blog on June 8 so stay tuned! There is a chance you could win awesome prizes!


2 thoughts on “>Android Karenina

  1. >No, not finished reading it yet. Even though it seems to be derived from the abridged version, it's still quite long. Between packing my other books in preparation for moving, I only get an hour or so a day to read it. But as far as I am, I am loving it.

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