>An expensive get-in-shape plan

>I am so stiff and sore today from doing yard work at our future residence.

Yes, we’re getting a new home!

A place where the family can finally be together! The family being: me, my fiancé, my two kids and his youngest daughter (every-other weekend).

This new place has a huge yard that I’m hoping to revive an old hobby of mine – flower gardening. I can’t wait to get started!

The seller needs to put in a new septic system in order to sell it and while he’s doing that, he said we could do some landscaping around the house while the machinery is there. How nice of him to allow us to do that. He could say we can’t step foot on the property until closing. Anyway, the area around the house needs some landscaping to prevent water getting in the basement.

They did have cement blocks all the way around the house for this purpose but they were put there many years ago and have sunk in and slanted so the rain would go towards the house instead of away from it. So, we went up there yesterday and pulled away all the cement blocks so they can fill it in with dirt. We also bought window wells to put in before they piled dirt up. And we even bought a wheel barrow to haul the cement blocks in – I’ll use it to haul garden stuff in later! We had to assemble the wheel barrow (we being me and two 10-year olds). It feels really weird buying this stuff when it’s not our house yet.

After a full afternoon of assembling a wheelbarrow, lifting and hauling cement blocks we were all exhausted and I didn’t even read Android Karenina last night. I slept like a rock and actually felt like one this morning. I could barely move. And then took a two-hour nap this afternoon. This is terrible, we’re all tired and sore after only one afternoon of yardwork, I imagine that by the end of the summer – after the house is finally ours – we’ll be on our way back to getting in shape. It’s kind of an expensive get-in-shape plan but we all love it!

I’m hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong and for some reason we can’t close.


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