>Threads of our Community Quilt

>The Quilt is unveiled, the book is printed and the whole weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Well, some of the weight anyway. Now I’m trying to catch up on everything that got put on the back burner – you should see how many back burners I have going! It’s a fire hazard!

Now, as promised, are photos of the quilt in all its splendor. These photos don’t do it justice, you need to come in and see it in person. This quilt is 18 foot long!

The wooden podium was designed and hand-crafted by my supervisor – isn’t it gorgeous? And the book sitting on it is what has been keeping me out of trouble for the last two months. We’re working on getting a web site that will have all the pages of the book in it. But I’ve attached a couple of my favorites here.


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