>Android Karenina

> Ok, here it is! My review of Android Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and Ben H. Winters. (Find out how to win glorious prizes at the end of this entry!)

First of all, a confession… I haven’t finished reading it yet. I have some things going on right now that are interfering with my reading time. (I close on my house on Friday! and right now, most of of my things are packed and I’m living on the barest necessities – almost like camping… but not.)

I have gotten as far as Part Four though and have been loving every minute of it.
I recently finished reading Anna Karenina and was impressed with the way that Leo Tolstoy developed each character but when I started reading Android Karenina… well, it totally knocked my socks off they way Ben brought in android companions enhancing each character even more.

In this version everyone gets a Class III android companion when they become of age. Each companion holds their master’s/mistress’s memories for them and is basically their best friend and confidant. Most androids have speech capabilities and reflect their master’s/mistress’s emotions. The companion of Anna’s husband is actually an implant on his face (kind of like a phantom of the opera mask) and Anna finds it hard to tell the difference between the man and the machine.

Like the original, it’s a beautiful love story that focuses on two couples. The addition of the steampunk atmosphere brings a whole new twist to our perception of the characters.

I give this one 5 gold stars! I love it! Way to go Ben H. Winters!

This is a great fast-read (must faster than the original)and I can’t wait to finish it – even though I have a pretty good idea on how it’s going to end.

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An Android Karenina Poster

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