>Thing #53 – Location Based Social Networks

>I can’t believe I’ve fallen so far behind on the “Things on a Stick.” I haven’t posted about any THING since March. But it’s not like I didn’t have anything else to do! Work and life have been extremely hectic lately. More on that later – but now it’s time for one of the “things.”

Location-based Social networks… I admit, at first I was a little creeped out about this. I mean, what a great tool for a stalker or a burglar! Any burglar could make some friends on Foursquare and find out when they’re not home… nothing like making it simple.

But after I created my Foursquare account, I realized that you can hide your whereabouts. Or even check in when you’re leaving a place instead of just arriving. Just like any social network you can set the privacy settings to match your comfort level.

After playing in the Foursquare world for a bit and reading a virtual ton of articles on how businesses are using it for marketing purposes, I wondered if we could use it in the library. We could have a special prize or something for the Mayor of the library. But then when looking at who the Mayor was – it turned out to be someone on staff so that wouldn’t work. Even after I told that particular staff person what I was planning, he stopped checking in at the library and gave up his mayorship – only to have another staff member take the role. Realizing that we didn’t have much planned for this, I gave up trying to use Foursquare to promote the library other than putting up tips now and then for a special event that is coming up.

I allowed my Foursquare app on my blackberry to get outdated because I didn’t really think it was that much fun. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the time to check in where ever I go? Maybe because I lack the ambition to make the time? Or Maybe it’s because I really don’t care to let people know where I am. Even on Twitter and facebook, I rarely give any indication of where I’m at.

My rating of Foursquare: Meh
But that’s just me.

In light of this, I didn’t even try Brightkite.


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