>Thing #54 – Hyperlocal Sites

>I was going to stop at Thing #53 today and get some other work done, but we were notified that our server was running out of space so I’ve been archiving lots of photos just to give the servers a little more breathing room. And while I was at it, I decided to clean my own hard drive off since it’s loaded down with videos from our new flip cam! While my computer is burning discs it doesn’t really like to do any graphic design work so I thought I’d continue with the Things while the discs were burning.

On to the wonderful world of Hyperlocal Sites. Ooooh.

I read the Thing #54 – Hyperlocal Sites blog entry from 23 Things and thought, well, they probably don’t list anything from my city so why would I be interested? (I’m always skeptical at first but I always at least try it.)

First thing, I like that they let you look at them without creating an account. I have so many social network accounts right now it’s not even funny.

I explored Charlotte, NC on Everyblock. I was impressed with all that they had available for this. I only wish they had more cities. I wonder how long it will take for our city to make it on this. I was impressed that it showed you current photos taken, news articles, police reports, real estate, and even what’s new at the local library! The layout was easy to understand and navigate and the little map feature was pretty cool too. The red dots on the map showed local stories, you just click on the dot and it gives you a short blurb about what happened at that location. They even have neighborhood announcements like block parties, lost pets, things for sale, etc.

Over all,I was pretty impressed with Everyblock, but until they get something that’s a little more local to me I don’t think I’ll use it. I will have to remember this if I ever plan on going to any of these places though, that would be handy to find out what’s going on before we get there.

I tried Patch.com and wasn’t as impressed with it – the layout wasn’t as easy or attractive as Everyblock – yes, I’m a website snob – so I didn’t spend too much time with Patch. Plus, they didn’t have anything local to me either.

I breezed through Outside in when I noticed that the feeds for our area just came from our local newspaper – I get that through my RSS so wasn’t anything new there.

Placeblogger may be helpful if I’m planning on going somewhere – like Everyblock – to explore the area a little before I get there. But again, they didn’t have anything local for me.

The Examiner – I didn’t like the look of it so didn’t even explore it very much. It was too crowded with information it was hard to navigate.

American Towns.com did have my local area and listed local bloggers and tweeters. This was pretty cool! I noticed that our Friends Bookstore blog wasn’t listed so I emailed them and asked for that blog to be listed on that site. I’ll let you know what happens with that. They also listed some local events – including some that are happening at the library! I didn’t put them there so they must take the information from some other source! Which is great as long as the information is correct. I’ll look more into that tomorrow.

Overall rating of Hyperlocal Sites: Interesting, but not on my “Have to Have” list.


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