>Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

>Survivor is a very twisted, dark, mind blowing book. I’m so glad I found it.

It’s about this guy who was born and raised in a religious cult and how he deals with life after the mass suicide of his fellow cult members. His story is forever saved in the “black box” of the airplane that he highjacked. He made everyone get off the plane and had the pilot take off, set the autopilot, and then parachute out of the plane. Alone in the plane, he tells his life story while he waits for the plane to run out of gas and crash land.

This was an audiobook that I downloaded from Overdrive. The narrator was terrific and really brought the story to life.

I’ve never read (or listened to, as was the case) anything by Chuck Palahniuk before and after Survivor, I will pick up more by him. I really enjoyed it.


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