>Thing #56 – Linked In

>My LinkedIn account has been pretty much stagnant since I set it up a long time ago because I didn’t really know what to do with it. Sure, I can connect with other professionals and share my resume, get recommendations, etc. But I am perfectly happy at my current position so thought, why would I want to do this? I’m not looking for a job. Besides, the only people on Linked In that I know are a small handful of my colleagues whose profiles are as plain and boring as mine. The people who I would call for a recommendation – my supervisor or boss, do not have Linked in accounts (as far as I know), so, even if I wanted to get recommended, I couldn’t unless I asked them to join Linked In too.

After reading Thing #56 I updated my account by adding a previous position and inviting three more people to be part of my network. I currently only have 5 people in my network. whoooo, impressive.

I decided to join some groups, that might jazz up my account a little. So, after what seemed like forever, I finally found three groups that I would fit into. I’m waiting to be accepted into the elite groups of my choice for Library Technology and Social Media for non profits. Another group for Social Media for non-profits accepted me right away so I started looking at the discussion pages.

There were discussions about getting your non-profit started with facebook and twitter. How to take advantage of applications to supplement your social media accounts. Hmmmm, this is interesting stuff. There were a couple of discussions I wanted to jump in on but noticed I didn’t have a profile photo and didn’t want to be one of those people, you know who they are. But time is short and I don’t have time to find and upload an appropriate photo of me – I don’t think my yahoo avatar will work for that if I want people to take me seriously. Time to grow up a little.

As soon as I am accepted into the other two groups, I’ll upload a photo of me and start giving LinkedIn more of a chance than I had been giving it. I recognize the potential of this and want to tap in on it.


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