>Travelblog – Branson, MO – day 1

>We’re not there yet.
I’m sitting in the Walmart parking lot at 4:15 am waiting for the rest of my traveling companions to get here. I already did my shopping (toothpaste, gum and a bag of granola for breakfast).
People are boarding the bus now -assigned seats and country music (I forgot to bring my headphones-this is gonna be a looooong trip.). Everyone but my party seems to have name tags. I guess they forgot about us. At least our names were on the list. Ooh, wait, here is my my name tag. So far I am by far the youngest person here.

A personal message to Todd. I did give you a hug and kiss before I left this morning but I don’t think you noticed – you were completly out. I already miss you.

People are still boarding the bus. I see some of my traveling companions now. Hi Mom and Brenda. We’re still waiting for Rhonda. We figure she’s still trying to get all of her luggage crammed in her car.

I am no longer the youngest person on the bus!


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