>Travelblog – Branson, MO – day 1, bedtime

>We’re here now.
The hotel we’re staying at is far from a five star, I’d say two star. The bathroom is tiny the closet rod is bent, and we can hear our upstairs neighbors walking around in their room. It is clean though, I will give it that much. The toilet lid was wrapped in paper together with the seat. The paper said something about sanitary and my safety. I’m not sure what it really said because I was in too much of a hurry to open the lid so I could use the toilet. I was fearing for the safety and sanitation of my pants.
The restaurant across the street is advertising the fact that it’s an alcohol-free establishment. The beverage list in the restaurant we went to (down the street a few blocks) was under the title prohibition picks or something like that. Is this a dry county or what?
It’s not even 10:00 pm and we’re winding down for the night. Not by my choice, but when in Rome…
At least I’ll get some good reading time in.


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