>Travelblog – Branson, MO Day 3

>Same buffet at the same restaurant but this time we had to get up earlier because of a morning trip to “Old Branson” for shopping. Ugh, I only got a few hours of sleep thanks to the pacer upstairs.
We went to Old Branson and looked around at the “gotcha shops” for a little over an hour then it was back on the bus to go back to the hotel and lunch. I bought myself a pair of shoelaces at Dick’s Five and Dime. Big spender.
After lunch we went to the first show of the day – Daniel O’Donnell. The look on my mom’s face when he came out on stage was worth the whole trip. It was obvious she was enjoying herself immensely at this concert – it gave me warm fuzzies. I was able to nap a little during this concert so felt great by the time we got back on the bus to go to dinner at yet another buffet. I don’t think I’ll be eating at a buffet for quite a while now.
We had a long wait at the restaurant between shows and I ended up drinking a few cups of coffee and a very large iced tea which I found later was a huge mistake. The second show of the day was Shake Rattle and Roll at the Branson Variety Theater. I don’t know if it was the coffee or the show, but I managed to stay awake for this one. The music was loud, the dancers were all over the place – I wondered how many cans of Red Bull they had before the performance. The show was ok but I thought it lacked direction – there were no segways between the songs, no interaction with the audience, I don’t think they played an entire song before they went into another one, and they randomly threw a few Christmas songs into the mix. Bizarre to say the least. I think Mom fell asleep during this one.
The last song of the night – finally, they asked for audience participation. They wanted us to get up and dance – we did, all the way up the aisle and out the door. Thank God it’s over!
Back at the hotel, the pacer was in full force – I wonder if the hotel was haunted? I can’t imagine a human being being capable of pacing like that all night. Between the pacing, the coffee and tea I didn’t get to sleep until after 4 am.


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