>What are QR codes?

>You may have noticed that we have started putting these strange square black and white thingies on some of our posters and other printed materials. They are called QR codes, or sometimes 2D codes. These codes are filled with digital information and are scannable with a smart phone. Once scanned, the smart phone will show you what’s in that digital information; it could be a web site, a phone number, a photo, a video, etc.
In order for your smart phone to scan these codes, you’ll need to download a code scanner app. There are many to choose from for all brands of smart phones and even iPads and iPods (with cameras) and most are free. After you get your app downloaded, all you need to do is activate the app and then point your device’s camera at the code and your phone will do the rest.
These codes give us the opportunity to link more information to a poster than previously allowed. For instance, I created posters for our upcoming fundraisers (Clues and Brews and the Ice Cream Social) and included a QR code that would take them to a webpage that described the event in a little more detail and also had a link for online registration.
Another example: our May newsletter featured a story that had a lot of photos. In the interest of space, we couldn’t put all the photos into the printed newsletter so I added them all to a blog post. Then I created a QR code that would show that blog post to people who scanned in the code.
Yet another example: I put this QR code on the back of my business card. RPL digital branch
For those of you who do not have a smart phone to scan it, this code goes to the Sqworrel page that contains all the links to our library’s digital branch.


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