Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell

I found this to be a fascinating story about the building of Stonehenge. The story takes place in 2000BC when men believed that gods and goddesses ruled over everything in the world and that the two most powerful were the Sun and the Moon. Three brothers lives were wrapped up in the building of this great temple. The oldest was the fierce warrior who left the village only to come back and kill his own father and took over the leadership of the his people. The middle son was born with a twisted leg and was going to be sacrificed to the gods. His own intellect saved him from being sacrificed when he presented himself as a great preist and told everyone he was favored by the gods. Stonehenge was his life’s passion – he thought it would change the world. The youngest son, the most diplomatic and kind, was first sold into slavery by his oldest brother then saved by his middle brother in order to build the temple.
The story ranges the lifetime of these three men and describes the culture of the time in great detail. It was a most interesting read.


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