Vimana by Mainak Dhar

Vimana by Mainak Dhar, cover art
I have to admit that the cover art intrigued me while browsing the Kindle store. The spaceship over the pyramid reminded me of one of my favorite movies and TV series, Stargate. This was nothing like Stargate, but it wasn’t bad.
This story begins with Aaditya, a young man, attempting to help a woman who appears to be getting mugged or raped. He tries to help the woman only to find that her attackers seem to have super-human strength and so does she. A strange airship hovers over the area where the woman was being attacked and a man gets out to help the woman. They fight off the attackers and then take off in the airship. Aaditya is convinced that he just witnessed a secret government operation. Later on, he finds out that the government had nothing to do with it.


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