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Great news on a dreary day

I received two bits of great news today and I’m not sure which makes me happier.

One: My Federal income tax refund is on it’s way to my bank!

Two: A copy of the The Resurrectionist is on it’s way to my mail box!

If I could, I would be doing back flips right now. Here is a photo of an octopus. It’s obvious that he shares my joy.




Daffodil update

They have grown over 5 inches in two days! I think they are using the TARDIS when I’m not looking.daffodils

Being Positive

Today is Friday! That’s a positive thought right there but wait, there’s more!

The sun is shining.

It’s my husband’s payday.

I can breathe through my nose (after a week of being a crusty-faced mouth-breather).

I am expecting a package from Quirk books! Another book to read and review!

The Resurrectionist book cover art


Spring cleaning my brain with positivity

I’ve been slacking.Even though I have read quite a few books lately, I haven’t written a single book review in about two months! Can you say SLUMP?

I’ve come up with an idea to get back into the swing of writing. I need to spring clean my brain to clear out all the clutter and negativity that has built up over the last few months. I plan to do this by posting at least one post per week. Daily posts would be best, but hey, who am I kidding here. I have to start small. These posts will not be negative in any way. I don’t want this to become a place for venting – but a place to share the good things in my life.

Starting today…

Here goes…

I was recently reminded that I only have a year and a half left of paying for our truck. For some reason I thought we had a five-year loan on it but it turns out that we only had a three-year loan! This brings our goal of building a new house that much closer!

Customer service makes a big difference on what you think of a store

My husband and I went to Verizon this afternoon during my lunch break. I had a few questions about our Galaxy tab and the lack of steady wireless signal it creates. Of course we didn’t have it with us at the time but thought we could at least talk about it. This nice young gentleman came up to us and started answering our questions, but when we reached a topic he wasn’t sure about he went to some other guys to confirm. One of those guys yelled, from the other side of the room, that it would just be better to bring the Galaxy Tab in and have him look at it since he “didn’t want to fill our heads with complicated instructions. ” The manner in which he said this, and the words he used implied that he didn’t want to be bothered by idiots. You know, one of those know-it-all, “I can do it better than you can even dream of doing it” type of people who won’t take the time to explain anything because “you just wouldn’t understand anyway and it would be just a big waste of my time.”

I was flabbergasted, first that he would actually yell this from across the room, and secondly because he didn’t even take the time to ask us how skilled we were or not – he just assumed that we didn’t know anything about it and couldn’t handle a simple set of instructions. We left immediately, deeply offended. I think the guy standing behind the yelling guy saw the daggers fly from my eyes because he did apologize to us when we left and told us that he appreciates our patience.

A simple google search gave us the directions we were looking for. I want to go back to the store and complain to his supervisor how we were treated. I think maybe this evening…

I have had good customer service from this store before so I won’t take my business elsewhere, this time. I do hope that guy gets fired, or at least a good talking to about how to handle customers.