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23 Mobile Things – Thing 1: Blogging and Registering

I’m so excited about this! I participated in the first 23 Things (and beyond) and am looking forward to making my way through the 23 Mobile Things. I’m bummed though that this time I can’t be an official participant since I no longer work in a library.

The knowledge I gained from the previous Things helped me get my current position in the Marketing and Communications division of a college. Still an advocate of life-long learning!

Even though I can’t register my blog and won’t be able to win any cool prizes, I’m still going to make my way through the Things and see what I can learn. By the way, I absolutely love the 23 Things tote bag I got (and still use!) for finishing up the first round.

I started a new blog since then but merged everything to this one so, if you’re curious about what I did in the first 23 Things, and beyond – I got to Thing 56, you can read my blog posts about them in the “Things on a Stick” category.


>Thing #11 – adding tags to my blog

>I successfully tagged all my blog entries that contained the word “Marshmallow” in it. I will tag this one as well. I think this is a great tool to keep things organized and easy to view only the entries that are tagged alike.

And easy to use!

>Thing #1 – Challenge


This is easier than I thought it would be. The poll adding went quite smoothy. Thanks to my blog title I have something to talk about (marshmallows) and that makes things a lot easier than sitting here looking at the blank screen with an extreme case of writer’s block.
Adding this picture was easy too. I’m on a good roll, and since it is Friday, I think I’ll stop for the day and try Thing #2 next week.

>Thing #1 – on a stick

I created my first blog.
The hardest part of the whole deal was trying to come up with a name for it. I chose Roasted Marshmallow because – in my opinion – marshmallows are best when eaten off of a stick. After they have been properly roasted over an open fire of course.