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>Compliments from my Supervisor

>I had the best compliment ever today.

We had our staff recognition today – which consisted of a light breakfast, certificates for the people that have milestone years, door prizes, and year-in-review words by the division supervisors.

When my supervisor went up he thanked his staff and then said, “without Ginny, I’d be screwed.” I was taking a sip of coffee at the moment and almost sprayed it all over but was able to hold it in – even with a big grin on my face.


>I’m a coffee snob

>I’m going to have to break down and get a coffee maker. I usually wait until I get to Kwik Trip in the mornings, but that’s a whole 1/2 hour after I get on the road because my home town doesn’t have a Kwik Trip. Sometimes that’s way too long to go without coffee in the morning.

This morning, I stopped at Kwik Trip to get my coffee and I actually remembered to bring my cup with me this time. I carried it into the store in my left hand. With my right hand I pulled out a 20 oz coffee cup from the dispenser, walked to the creamer stand and put the cream into the cup. Then I walked over to the other end of the coffee counter and started pumping the Hawaiian Macadamia Nut coffee into that cup. I had the cup almost full and started reaching, with my left hand for a lid when I realized I still had my to-go up in my other hand. DOH!

If I weren’t such a coffee snob, I’d stop at the local Amoco before I left town but I have to have that flavored coffee. No other coffee will do. Starbucks, Caribou, and the other coffee houses are great, but I can’t see spending over 4 dollars a day for a cup of coffee when I can fill my to-go cup at Kwik Trip for $0.95.