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Breakers by Edward W. Robertson

When I read the description of this book it reminded me of a mash up of Stephen King’s The Stand and the TV series Falling Skies. I was surprised at how different it turned out to be. This story describes what two men do during an alien attack in which the first wave consists of a plague that kills off over 90% of the human population.

Walt, from New York, decides to walk all the way to LA because that is where his dead girlfriend always wanted to go. It was his way to try and stay sane. During his journey he runs into other survivors who are less than happy to deal with any strangers. Then one day he has a run in with aliens and he begins to piece together the puzzle of what is happening.

Raymond was barely surviving with his wife, Mia, in LA when the plague hit. Rioting and looting all over the city makes Raymond and Mia stay hidden in their house until the worst of it blows over. They move into one of the unoccupied mansions on the beach, start a garden and start to form a comfortable existence, until the day they see the mother ship hover over their city.

This fast-paced, gripping story has an interesting twist at the end. I would recommend that this book be proofread again since I found lots of typos and grammatical errors. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading it.