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>Living in someone else’s trash can

>It was such a beautiful day yesterday we decided to take a walk. We’re still relatively new to the area and haven’t had much of a chance to find a good walking route. The road in front of our house is fairly busy, enough that it’s not an ideal path to take for long. We took the first side road and were pleased to find that it turned to gravel only about a quarter mile down the road and there was no traffic. The sun was shining, there were woods on either side of the road, it wasn’t hot or buggy out. It was perfect. We thought.

Not too far down the road we noticed an area where it looked like they bulldozed some little trees on the side of the road. On closer inspection we figured they weren’t bulldozed, they were dumped there.Then we noticed that the little trees were lilac bushes and we recalled that our next door neighbors, just a few hours ago, had sawed down the three bushes between our houses. I was a little disgusted in them that they cut them down in the first place because they really reduced our level of privacy, but they weren’t on our property so we didn’t have much say in the matter. After seeing that they just dumped them on the side of the road less than a mile from our home made me even more disgusted. While standing there fuming about it I noticed a plastic bucket laying in the leaves further down the hill. Then some metal that appeared to be shed roofing, then a toaster, some more metal, some tires, and even a large chest freezer half full of black water, beer cans and other trash all over. The more I saw the further my heart sank. It was obvious this area had been used as a dumping grounds for quite some time.

It makes me feel angry that humans can do this and not even think about the damage they are doing to our environment. Don’t they see how ugly they have made this? Don’t the property owners care about it enough to clean it out? It makes my hope for humanity slip even lower than it already is. I want to make the people who did this pay for what they did. Unfortunately there is no way to tell who did it. We need to have some sort of environmental CSI to find these criminals and make them face their due punishment.

Litterbugs, you’re wrecking our Earth and its the only one we have. Global warming, bad air, acid raid,etc., I’m blaming it all on you.